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Orthopaedic Surgeon and Traumatology FMH
Adult and child musculoskeletal system

Trauma - Sports Medicine

Developments in the treatment of fractures as well as ligament and cartilage injuries has been revolutionary in recent years. It falls into two main categories: on one hand conservative treatments using casts, orthoses or bandages and on the other hand surgery. The innovations and improvements for patients and society in the two areas are remarkable:

Thanks to modern techniques in orthopaedic surgery, anatomical reconstruction of injuries can be effected with fewer means and less invasive and thus less pain and with an often shorter rehabilitation. Arthroscopic techniques offer a major advantage, these are surgical techniques which do not require a large opening of a joint. They are based on navigating a with modern instruments with specialized optical instruments in the joint. Moreover, treatment with osteosynthesis, meaning the reduction and fixation of bone fragments using plates and screws or modern nails are currently reliable techniques that are being constantly modernized.

The orthopaedic surgeon and traumatologist is specialized in treating multiple pathologies:

  • Spinal column injuries in athletes and patients who have had accidents.

  • Shoulder pain following ligament (for example dislocations) or tendon (for example rotator cuff) injuries and treatment of fractures.

  • Elbow pain in athletes like epicondylitis (tennis elbow), elbow dislocations or fractures

  • Wrist and hand injuries in athletes and patients who have had accidents.

  • Knee injuries: menisci, ligaments (for example the anterior cruciate ligament), anterior knee pain, fractures and cartilage injuries.

  • Hip injuries in athletes and patients who have had accidents.

  • Foot and ankle injuries: sprains, fractures and cartilage injuries.

The orthopaedic surgeon and traumatologist is specialized in finding the right diagnosis, informing the patient of the pathology, treatment and prognosis of the injury and to treat the patient by conservative means or by surgery.

The orthopaedic surgeon is at your disposition for questions or problems regarding pain or injuries following athletic activities or accidents. You will find internet sites here specialized in sports medicine and orthopaedic traumatology for additional information.


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