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Orthopaedic Surgeon and Traumatology FMH
Adult and child musculoskeletal system

 Osteoarthritis - Degenerative 

The orthopaedic surgeon is specialized in relieving pain and aims restoring function of the affected limb. There is a wide range of conservative and modern surgical measures able to restore a good quality of life for the patient.

Once a conservative treatment is no longer sufficient, the orthopaedic surgeon may propose surgical treatment:

  • For back pain and herniated discs.

  • Shoulder pain caused by degenerative tendon disease (for example rotator cuff) and osteoarthritis.

  • Elbow pain due to osteoarthritis and limited movement.

  • Hand and wrist pain due to arthritis or overuse (carpal tunnel syndrome, pain or limitation of movement, rheumatism).

  • Hip pain due to osteoarthritis as well as some rare diseases.

  • Knee pain due to athletic activity or past accidents (for example meniscus, ligament or cartilage injury).

  • Treatment of osteoarthritis with a total prosthesis: for example the hip, the knee, the shoulder, the elbow or the ankle as well as other less frequent prostheses.

  • Foot and ankle pain, deformed toes (for example hallux-valgus or hammer toe), heel pain as well as of the Achilles tendon

  • Arthroscopic treatment of various joints: hip knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, hip or wrist.

The orthopaedic surgeon is specialized in finding the right diagnosis, informing the patient of the pathology, treatment and prognosis of the pathology and to treat the patient by conservative means or by surgery.

The orthopaedic surgeon is at your disposition for questions or problems regarding pain or injuries of the musculo-skeletal system. You will find internet sites here specialized in sports medicine and orthopaedic treatment for additional information.


Dr. Pascal Seite

Orthopaedic Surgery FMH Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Foot

Sports Medicine

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