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Orthopaedic Surgeon and Traumatology FMH
Adult and child musculoskeletal system

Pediatric Orthopaedics

Orthopaedics – the origin of this word comes from Greek: orthos, which means "right" and paidion "child", thus the field of medicine aiming to correct the growth defects in a child’s skeletal system. This field can be broken down into two main categories : conservative treatments and surgery. Conservative treatment includes casts, orthoses, splints or for example bandages.

Surgery also finds it origins in Greek: Cheir, which means hand and ergon, which means work or job, so cheirurges means to work manually.

Currently orthopaedics is subdivided into many sub-specialization aside from the basic orthopaedics which corrects defects in children’s growth. Orthopaedics also treats degenerative diseases, for example by hip or knee prostheses and adult deformities like bowed legs or hammer toes etc.

Another vast field is traumatology and sport medicine which often follows very different rules for children compared to an injured adult.

Pediatric orthopaedics treat:

  • Consequences of birth complications.

  • Growth problems of the skeletal system.

  • Inflammatory diseases and rheumatism.

  • Treatment of infections and thankfully much more rarely tumors.

  • Fractures and other injuries of the extremities and of the spine.

Often the parents have doubts concerning the normality of the development of their child or the anatomy of the skeletal system like the foot or back (flat feet, scoliosis etc.). A pediatric orthopaedic surgeon can answer these questions if there is a problem or a real pathology or nothing to worry about the child's development.

It is important to note that if a treatment becomes necessary, recent developments of less invasive techniques which are better tolerated by children and their families have made great progress in both conservative and surgical treatment.

The pediatric orthopaedic surgeon is at your disposition to find the right diagnosis, to inform the child and his family of the pathology, the treatment and the prognosis. If necessary the child will be treated with the indicated conservative or surgical treatment.

In case in any questions or problems, the pediatric orthopaedic surgeon can give you informations and support. For additional information you can examine the internet sites proposed here.


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